About Sondergut Travel Games


Chris Wootten, president of Pitkin Stearns, loves traveling and also the game of backgammon. Seeking the perfect travel backgammon game, Chris found all of the travel backgammon "suitcases" games on the market were bulky & too heavy for travel.  He searched the world and found the perfect solution in Germany from a company named Sondergut. Their 8-ounce roll-up travel games were exactly the product Chris was looking for, and he knew immediately other backgammon, chess, and checkers players would love their high-quality products as well. At that time, Sondergut products weren't sold in North America and were difficult to order from overseas...so Pitkin Stearns became the exclusive importer and distributor of the Sondergut Roll-up Travel Games. 

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