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Sondergut Mocha board game
Mocha | Sondergut Roll-Up Travel Backgammon Game
Mocha | Sondergut Roll-Up Travel Backgammon Game
Sondergut Mocha Board game zipper unzipped showing playing stones
Mocha | Sondergut Roll-Up Travel Backgammon Game
Mocha | Sondergut Roll-Up Travel Backgammon Game

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Mocha | Sondergut Roll-Up Travel Backgammon Game

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Sondergut Mocha Backgammon Travel Game Set
Winner of The National Parenting Seal of Approval!

Travel in Style with the Sondergut Leather Backgammon Game

This versatile game is perfect for those on the go. With a compact size that rolls up to that of a pocket umbrella (10 x 2”), it makes for an excellent addition to your travels or home collection. Take the game with you on your RV or boat adventures, or maybe challenge your partner to a match before dinner in the hotel lobby. Wherever you go, whether it's lounging on the beach, camping or reading a book in the hotel lounge, you can enjoy a game of backgammon anytime, anywhere – and with sophistication.

The game was intentionally created with two goals: to be incredibly lightweight and to provide the highest quality travel experience possible. This is not a game to be disposed of after vacation. Rather, it will be the first thing on your packing list for your next trip.

Experience Elegance and Comfort with our Hand-Sewn Full-Size Board. Our full-size board is hand-sewn and available in three velvety colors: cream, mocha, or black suede. Enjoy the board's luxurious look and soft, pliable feel

Once you've finished playing, store the dice, doubling cube, and both sets of 15 playing stones in the zippered pocket. When rolled up, the game set measures 10 x 2". Unroll the game and the board becomes full-sized at 10 x 12 1/2".

Enjoy easy and reliable storage and transport of your game pieces by keeping them in the zippered pocket. The playing pieces are about the size of a penny, measuring 2cm in diameter.

Conveniently fits in your handbag, backpack, carry-on bag, and even your back pocket! Includes instructions for use.

Weighs less than 1/2 a pound.

Designed in Germany by Sondergut.

Travel Backgammon Game - The Perfect Gift for Adventurers!

Looking for a fun and practical gift? Our travel backgammon game is the answer! It comes in a stunning retail box with game instructions included. It's versatile and compact, making it the perfect companion for camping, cruise ship travel, bicycle/motorcycle tours, and weeklong rafting trips.